SUB2000 Quick Start Guide: Video

POV: You just opened your SUB2000 box.


Gun Features

Welcome to the Quick Start Guide for the KelTec SUB2000.  To get inside this new box of yours, simply pull the flap on the front, push the lid open, and there you go: your SUB2000. The SUB2000s come in two different variants, so the contents inside the box may be different.

If you have a Glock version of the SUB2000 it is a multi-mag version. They ship like a Smith and Wesson M&P and it comes with three extra magazine catches for different handguns. It will come with a magazine catch chart explaining which models we have on our website available for you to switch out your SUB2000 magazine catch to. 

The most important thing in the box besides the firearm itself is your manual. Get to know this manual really well. If you have any questions about it or if you have any questions for us you can contact us. Our information is on the back, it's also going to come with your magazine. 

Let's dig into this thing and go over some of the features. This version is a multi-mag and it came with a Smith and Wesson M&P magazine. If you have a Glock variant you should have a Glock magazine in the box and no extra mag catches.

All right so before we jump into the features of your multi-mag SUB2000, make sure that there's no live ammunition in your workspace and there's no magazines available. So the first thing you want to do if you want to unfold your gun is pull this locking latch. It's on the stock and it pulls rearward to release the barrel assembly.

Let's go over the features of your SUB2000. We'll start at the muzzle, it does come with a threaded barrel.The nine millimeter is 1/2"-28 and the 40 caliber version of the SUB2000 is 9/16"-24. 

The front sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation. It does come standard with a Picatinny style rail on top and bottom of the hand guard. This is your trigger guard, here is also the release latch to fold the SUB2000. You have a rear peep sight and a cross bolt style safety.

This is your magazine release. Of course, your trigger moving back, you have the charging handle and then the adjustable butt stock with the locking latch. There's also the sling loop in the stock, here there's two of them. You also have M-LOK slots on both sides of the hand guard for attaching accessories including sling loops.

As mentioned before, the front side of the SUB2000 is adjustable for windage and elevation. This would be your elevation knob, it's like an AR-15 style and we do sell the adjustment tool on our website. For the windage, you simply need a flathead screwdriver or the rim of a cartridge will work as well.

We told you how to unfold your SUB2000, now let's tell you how to fold it back up. You're simply just going to pull down on the trigger guard. You can see it comes out and as you pull down on the trigger guard you will rotate the barrel upward to lock it into position. 

So let's actuate the safety, it's just a cross bolt style safety on the right side of the SUB2000. You'll see a red ring, if you see that that's fire. When it's pushed over to the left that means the SUB2000 is unsafe. 

If you do have a multi-mag version of the SUB2000 and you want to change your mag catch out, you would simply just unscrew these two screws here, replace the plate with the plate that you want, and then put the screws back in. We recommend a little bit of blue Loctite. 

One of the unique features about the SUB2000 is its blowback design. The charging handle can actually be pulled back and rotate it up to lock it into position. To load the SUB2000, simply put a live round in the magazine and slap the charger handle down. If the bolt is already closed you can simply reach back with your support hand, pull it back and let it go.

The stock of the SUB2000 is not adjustable on the fly, but we'll tell you how to pop this pin out. Slide the stock to the rear and then put the pin back in. So you just push in on the buffer plug and push the pin out. The pin is not directional so you can push it out from either side. Slide the stock to where you want it, put the buffer back in and push in again to line up the holes from the buffer, the tube, and the stock. Then simply slide your PIN back through. To quickly recognize what caliber your SUB2000 is chambered in, you can reference the bolt. 

Field Stripping

Before you disassemble the SUB2000 for cleaning, you want to make sure that the hammer is locked to the rear and make sure that the firearm is safe. The last thing you want to do is drop the hammer while the bolt is not in the bolt tube. 

Now that your SUB2000 hammer is cocked to the rear and it's on safe, you can go ahead and disassemble it for cleaning. In the same way that you would adjust the stock, you'll simply push in on the buffer and then push, this will push the stock pinout. You take the buffer out, take the stock off and push the bolt to the rear. You can remove your recoil spring and then after that you can remove your charging handle, and to get the bolt out just simply tilt the gun up.

This is your bolt and your bolt head. To get to the barrel you'll simply fold the gun in half by pulling down the trigger guard. Then you can swap out your chamber, your barrel assembly, and get your SUB2000 ready for your next range trip.


When maintaining your SUB2000, we recommend a high quality CLP and contact cleaner. The contact cleaner is going to get rid of all the carbon and debris. After you've got it cleaned off and dried up, you can go ahead and hit it with some CLP to keep it running smoothly for a long time. 


To reassemble the SUB2000 you're just going to go in reverse order.

Step One: First thing you want to do is make sure that your bolt is attached to your bolt head if you want to unfold the SUB2000. 


Step Two: Now to orient the bolt you want to make sure that the extractor is on the right side of the gun. Obviously, that needs to be at the ejection port, so go ahead and slide the bolt in. You want to make sure that your charging handle hole is lined up with that slot in your bolt tube. 


Step Three: Next thing you want to do is put the charging handle in and then the recoil spring slides right in there. Now to get the bolt forward, you just simply want to tap the muzzle end of the gun on a soft surface. A piece of wood will work, just don't do it on anything hard because you don't want to damage the crown of your barrel. 

So to get the bolt forward, you just simply pull the charging handle to the front of the gun while also tapping the muzzle on a soft surface. 


Step Four: Next thing, you want to do is slide your stock over so all you have to do is line up those holes there in the bolt tube. You're not finished lining holes up yet, because now you have to line up the buffer. The latch goes on top so it would be oriented where the recoil spring rides in that little indentation on the buffer. 

You'll want to apply pressure on the buffer until all three holes line up and then slide your stock pin through. It's a little easier said than done. 


Step Five: Then do a function check.


That's it, that's the reassembly of your SUB2000. You’re clean, you're re-lubed, and you're ready for the range. 

That concludes our quick start guide for the SUB2000. For more tips and tricks and accessories please visit