RFB Quick Start Guide: Video

So You Just Received Your RFB.


Gun Features

This is your RFB18 and RFB24 Quick Start Guide. Your RFB will come in this box with some accessories. If you have an RFB24 it will come in a hard case and include the same accessories for this application. Just simply pull the bottom tab of the box, lift up and there's your beautifully crafted RFB 308 Bullpup. By the way, RFB stands for Ridiculously Fabulous Bullpup. 


The first thing you're going to notice is your RFB. Your sling is your sling hardware and your magazine. The most important part of your package is your manual, if you have further questions about it you can always contact us at our website or through our phone number and we'll go ahead and take care of you. Not shown here is a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor. For more information visit keltecweapons.com.


Let's do a quick rundown of the RFB's features. You can see how short the overall length of the RFB is, ten name brand ketchup packages or 11 toothpicks which gives you the exact length 27.5 inches. It also has a 18 and a half inch barrel. Something important to note right away is your serial number, it's located on the right side of your grip. Keep a copy of it in your safe for your records.Your ambidextrous bolt stop/ bolt release and you have your ambidextrous mag catch/ mag release and your two rear assembly pins back underneath.


On the stock, you'll notice it's thick with a Picatinny section on the bottom and a sling Loop cut out for sling attachment. Just above the grip and trigger is your ambidextrous safety and also is your middle assembly pin. On top of the RFB we have the picatinny rail system for mounting optics and accessories. On the other side is your charging handle can easily and quickly be moved to the other side of the gun. Just in front of your top picatinny rail is your gas regulator and below the regulator is a set of threads. That is for an accessory that we sell on our website. 


Lastly, the business end has the standard 5/8ths 24 thread pitch for mounting a compensator brake adapter or suppressor wherever it's legal.

The Gas System

In this section we're going to talk about your gas system on the RFB and how to adjust it. If you like to run a suppressor on just about everything, you're going to want to get a suppressor piston specifically for your RFB. We sell suppressor pistons off of our website, again that's keltecweapons.com, so make sure you replace that before you try to adjust your gas.


Now to adjust your gas system, whether you're running a suppressor or not, you want to pick a particular ammo that you like for practice. Then obviously, if you're going to be hunting, you're going to want a particular ammo for that. If you're using this firearm for personal defense or property defense, then you're going to want some defensive ammo. So, make sure that your gas setting equals that of the ammo that you're using. There's different pressures, different brands of ammo, and even different loads of the same brand. That's why we've made the RFB with an adjustable gas system, it's great for suppression. It's also great for tailoring your ammo to exactly where you need it.


In order to adjust the gas, you can take it to the range. 


Step One: Go ahead and close the gas off all the way. So, what you do is you can use a cartridge tip, a bullet tip, or you can use your handy dandy KelTec screwdriver here. There's a detent in here so you're going to hear and feel some clicks. Closing it down all the way which means turning it clockwise.


Step Two: Open it up to about, let's say, to about 12 clicks. What that does is cap the vents off the gas that's created once you fire a round and blows back the piston. The piston then blows back the carrier and that's how the gun cycles. If you want to get nice, reliable, and smooth shooting cycling out of your RFB, you just set the gas for that particular ammo. 


Step Three: Put a single round in the magazine and fire.


If the bolt locks to the rear that means you can open this gas vent to release more pressure. Open it up two more clicks which will put you at 14 clicks. Fire again. If the bolt does not lock back to the rear then close it down one or two just to ensure that there's reliable cycling.


Now, if the bolt doesn't lock back to the rear on 12, go ahead and close it a couple of times and then fire again. 


To make sure that you get to that point where the gun is naturally going to lock the bolt to the rear on an empty magazine and that's how you know that you've got your gas setting properly in place. 


Field Stripping

Let's Field Strip the RFB. First things first: safety. Always put some safety glasses on you're going to be dealing a little bit with some spring tension, as usual when you're breaking down a firearm. Next thing is make sure there's no ammunition in your workspace, in fact, keep your ammunition in a completely separate room. 


You want to get that chamber flag out of your firearm. Put the muzzle down and push up on the bolt. You will want to stop here and go ahead and pull the charging handle back. That will lock your bolt in place and you can pull your chamber flag out. Now these chamber flags, we have them on our website as well. They're specifically made for KelTec Bullpup Firearms like the RFB and RDB. 


For you lefties, here is how you move the charging handle from the left side of the gun. It ships over to the right side to accommodate you. You'll just want to push out the captive assembly pin; it doesn't come all the way out so just get it started and then you can go ahead and pull it through the rest of the way to the other side. Then you will drop the handguard down, grab the charging handle and pop it out. The long side is what goes through the carrier, so flip the gun over. Remember don't put it upside down - short side going through. Put the long side through, go ahead and press it in close the grip, and then push your assembly pin back through. Now it's set up for your lefties.


All right, so now that we have all of that out of the way we'll field strip your RFB. 


You've got four assembly pins: two in the front and two in the back. Pop the pins  and then just pull the pins out to where they stop. Once you've done that you can go ahead and pop the grip off. There's the trigger mechanism, safety mechanism, and your hammer assembly. This is how you change the charging handle.


Back over to the other side if you're right-handed I would put it back in there but for now we're just going to leave it out so that we can slide the rear cover off and then we can pull the bolt carrier out.To get the bolt out of the carrier, you simply just push this pin that's also a captive pin (which would be the cam pin by the way) and then that will pop your bolt out of the carrier. 


To take the firing pin out of the bolt, you simply just put some pressure on the back of the firing pin itself. Take the screwdriver and pop it through. Remember this is under spring tension. So if you try to do it with your thumb and you push that out it might slip and go flying across the room. Then you'll be calling us for a new firing pin, so make sure you keep that captive held down by your bench. This opens up the bolts and firing pin channel so you can get all of that debris cleaned out in there should there be any.  You can clean all your Springs. 


You got your carrier there and this here is your receiver and barrel assembly and that there guys is the full field strip of your RFB.


Here at KelTec we highly recommend Lucas Oil Extreme Duty contact cleaner and their Extreme Duty CLP. The contact cleaner is going to get rid of all that carbon in particulates inside the carrier, barrel,  bolt assembly, and even your grip assembly. It is safe for cerakote if you happen to have a tan one or an OD green/some other color. 

Just make sure you get some of this contact cleaner and once you've got everything cleaned off,  hit everything with a light coat of this CLP to keep your RFB running smoothly.


Let's reassemble this puzzle piece. You just want to start off with your bolts assembly. This is the top of your bolt, and if you'll notice on the firing pin there's this little notch. You want that notch to be facing up because you're firing pin slides through the top of that notch to keep it captive inside the bolt.


Step One: First thing you want to do is put the firing pin spring in. Make sure that notch is facing up towards the top of the bolt, and just simply put the firing pin down on your bench, and compress the spring and just slide that pin through. That holds the firing pin captive. 


Step Two: Next thing you want to do is make sure that the extractors are up. That would be the down position. This is the up position for the extractors, and then you can just lay that in your bolt carrier.  


Slide the cam pin through. That cam pin is captive so you don't have to worry about losing that kind of a nice feature.


Step Three: Go ahead and grab your receiver and barrel assembly. Again, with those extractors facing up, you'll want to slide the carrier over the frame rails. Now you have to have those extractors in the up position because if you try to slide it on when they're down it's going to bump into the receiver, and you're not going to be able to get your carrier all the way forward. 


Step Four: Take the piston and go ahead and slide it in. There's a flat side in this piston, you want the flat side to go up against the ejection chute. You just kind of wiggle this around a little bit to find that sweet spot.


Step Five: Lastly, go ahead and slide your charging handle in. You can put it back on the left side of the gun if you are right-handed, or right side of the gun if you are left handed. Slide the rear cover over (there's a little bit of a trick to this). You're going to want to compress those recoil springs a little bit, and the reason for that is you want to try to line up your receiver holes with the holes in the top cover; otherwise, your pins are not going to go through very easily. Then just set the hammer in first.


The grip should just kind of squeeze into place and again, apply a little bit of pressure to line up those holes and your pins should drop right into place. On the front of the handguard you kind of want to just align it by pulling the handguard up and down and wiggling it slightly.

If you have any further questions please visit our website keltecweapons.com and also visit us on YouTube at KelTec Weapons.