RDB Quick Start Guide: Video

Learn more about your new best friend, the RDB.

Gun Features

Welcome to your RDB17 Quick Start Guide. Your RBD will come in a nice cardboard box. To open the box simply lift up on the front flap, pull back, and there it is. First thing you'll notice is your nice new RDB17, a 20 round PMAG by Magpul, and in the rear insert is your sling and your sling attachments. 

The most important part of this is your RDB manual. Read this, get to know it really well, and if you have any questions you can always contact us. Our information is on the back of the manual with our phone number and email address. 

All right now let's go over the features of your RDB17. The RDB does come standard with a 

½ - 28 threads so you can take this bird cage that comes on it off. You can put a suppressor on there, a suppressor attachment, or any other break you like.

It also has several sling loop options: a sling loop on the front of the hand guard, on both sides in the middle of the gun, near the rear of the gun, and on the top of the buttstock. You have the charging handle. There is a side folding charging handle. It also comes standard with a top picatinny rail that is aluminum, and it also has a polymer picatinny rail on the bottom for accessories.

Another great feature of the RDB is that the gun is completely ambidextrous and that also includes the safety. So you have a 45 degree throw safety just behind the trigger. This is your ambi mag catch and release (it pushes back). You have a bolt catch and bolt release on both sides of the gun as well.

A unique feature of the RDB is the gas regulator. It's right here just in front of the top rail and right by your charging handle. 

One really important thing you need to do is note and jot down your serial number. It's right here on the top cover. This is the actual receiver of the gun. Make note of that serial number and keep it in your safe for safe keeping.

Now you might be wondering how you use this thing. So let’s demonstrate some of the features of this RDB before we dive into this. Please don't have any live ammunition in your workspace, and make sure that if you're practicing with your RDB you're using an empty magazine.

First of all, to get the chamber flag out, you will pull up on this folding charging handle. As you pull it back, you'll push up to lock it into this notch here in your top rail, and then you can free your chamber flag from the ejection port. The magazines go here in the back of the gun and the empty shells come out of the bottom.

Here, which is very unique, and it makes the RDB fully ambi to demo a couple different ways. To release the magazine, if you've got one of those sticky mags that doesn't like to play nice, you simply push back with your index finger on the mag release and then go ahead and strip the magazine out.

If you want to do a real fast reload, if you are a competitive shooter or you just need to get ammo on the gun real quick, just simply bump it back with your fire control hand and you're golden. 

Field Stripping 

All right, so let's disassemble the RDB, aka field strip. First of all, you're going to want to put on some safety glasses. Make sure there's no live ammunition in your workspace. The only tool you will need is some sort of a punch. Tip: there is this handy dandy KelTec screwdriver you can use. 

So we'll start with the first pin here. The front the hand guard, you've got one right over the trigger, you've got one over the mag release, and then your fourth one at the butt stock of the gun.

Okay so you've got the pins pulled out. Next thing you want to do is just push down gently on the hand guard and that will pop free. Now this part is very important: this is still under spring tension, so you want to be very careful. Place the butt stock down on your workbench before you take the bottom grip off. What you'll do is just apply a little pressure on the barrel, make sure your pins are all the way out, take the grip assembly off, and then just let the barrel assembly come up out of the top cover nicely and slowly.

Then you can take your bolt carrier out and then release your charging handle. That is a full field strip of your RDB. To go further in your field strip, you can pull the piston out just by simply pulling it to the rear of the gun. You can also take your bolt assembly apart. There is a small pin right here at the back of the bolt, simply push on that and on the other side you should be able to grab it and pull it through.

Next thing is just pull your firing pin towards the rear that comes right out. Take this cam pin, this is your bolt cam pin, you might need some needle nose pliers. You don't exactly need to have gorilla strength hands, as you are able to, just by pinching, pulling it, and then the bolt comes out of the front.


We highly recommend Extreme Duty Lucas Oil, contact cleaner, and CLP to take care of all your cleaning needs with your RDB17. Go ahead and hit it with some contact cleaner on all the important parts and then reapply some lube with this awesome CLP.


Now for the fun part: let's reassemble this RDB17.

Step One: Your bolt is going to go into your carrier and you'll see there's two lugs on the bottom of your bolt. Then you've got your ejectors on the top. These need to be up and those two lugs need to be down, that's how it will go back into your carrier. Then you will slide this cam pin in. 


Step Two: This cam pin has a hole in it, as you can see your firing pin goes through that. So make sure that you've got that lined up front to back. Then you can go ahead and put your firing pin in. You'll notice on the top of your firing pin there's a notch, this pin is what holds your firing pin captive in here so make sure you've got that notch facing up.

This pin is directional: there's a wide side on the bottom and then you've got the narrow side on the top. Just simply slide that through; make sure it's through your firing pin. That is how you reassemble your bolt. 


Step Three: You want to put your piston back in. Don't forget that sometimes it's a little sticky because it's supposed to be a tight fit in there. That's where all the gas pressure builds up and knocks your carrier back to the rear.


Step Four: Next thing is the charging handle. You'll want to lay it inside here and this portion here goes over your piston and piston spring. Then you can see there's a notch in the charging handle, it locks onto this tab here just behind the gas regulator.


Step Five: Next put your carrier in. It goes through this hole here underneath your top rail. Make sure that the bolt is pulled all the way forward and come all the way out. 


Step Six: Next thing you want to do is put the rear cover on. So just slide the guide rod in the top of the top cover. Go ahead and line up those holes applying pressure to the barrel in the same way that we took the RDB apart. 

Now take your grip line up the back of the grip and the butt stock. Simply squeeze on it, and again, you want to use the barrel as leverage to sort of line up the holes in the grip.

Then simply push your pins through.

You may have to give a couple of them a little extra nudge there. Take the hand guard you'll see these cutouts on the back of the hand guard here. They go onto these posts on the side of your barrel. Push the pin back through once you get the holes lined up.


Step Seven: Then do a function check

This Quick Start Guide also applies to our Hunter, Defender, and Survival RDB models. 

That concludes our Quick Start Guide on the RDB17 for more tips tricks and accessories please visit keltecweapons.com