P50 Quick Start Guide: Video

If you have purchased a P50 this video has everything you need to know to get you started.


Hey guys, this is your P50 quick start guide. 

Your P50 comes in a fancy hard case. There are four latches to open it, and you’re in. 

The first thing you should see is your manual. Please read your manual. Get to know it, learn it, love it. 

Next you have your P50. 

What is included: 

You have two 50 round magazines; One is actually in the gun. 

A sling with two QD attachment points, a trigger lock and I personally always keep two pieces of tactical bubble gum in my case because I live in a bad neighborhood and I don’t want to ever get into a situation with bad breath……

Alright, now let's take a look at some features of your P50. 


First off your serial number is going to be on the left side of the top portion of the gun. 

It has an ambidextrous safety, an ambi magazine release lever (we will go over that later), and a picatinny rail on top and bottom of the pistol. 

The top of it is aircraft grade aluminum. The bottom side is polymer molded into the grip of the pistol. 

It also features two quick disconnect sling cups and has a set of adjustable iron sites. You can adjust the front for elevation. And the rear notch site for windage. 

Last but not least, you have a 9 ½ inch threaded barrel ½ 28 so you can put on a suppressor, which this gun fires great with suppressors or some sort of muzzle device of your choosing.

Now let's talk about the magazine release lever. It's at the back of the gun just above the grip. What you want to do is pull down with your thumb, and with your other hand, open the pistol, holding both the magazine and the top receiver. 

To remove the magazine, you just simply pop it out and you are good to go. One thing to note, it's very important, you never want to dry fire your P50 while the top receiver is open. It's very bad for the trigger and hammer mechanisms. Another thing to point out, a safety note, always check your chamber before you open your P50 pistol. It doesn’t have a last round hold open so you want to make sure your chamber is clear before you open the gun up and have the muzzle pointed down at your feet. 

To put the mag back in, you just go in reverse order. Make sure that the rounds are feeding upward towards the top receiver. Simply set it in the top receiver, close it, and make sure it locks into place. 

Now onto field stripping your P50: 

You first want to make sure there is nothing in the chamber and there is no ammunition in your workspace. You also want to put on a pair of safety glasses because we are going to be dealing with spring tension. 

Step 1: Take your right hand and put it behind the bolt. With your left hand, pull down on the receiver block and pull up on the whole assembly with your right hand. Release it and pull it out. 

You will have your whole bolt and carrier assembly out. This will also expose the barrel so that you can get down the barrel and clean those lans off

Step 2: To take your charging handle out you just simply pull it to the back and set it aside

To keep your P50 clean and in good working order: 

First hit it with a contact cleaner to take all the carbon off of everything. And then you can go back in with some Lucas Oil CLP. Make sure you wipe off all of the excess before you reassemble your pistol. 

To reassemble your P50: 

Step 1: put your charging handle back in. Make sure the latches lock into place

Step 2: Take your recoil and bolt assembly and drop it back in, reverse order. Press down on the bolt and pull back on the springs while pushing down on the bolt and lock it into place 

Step 3: Go ahead and close it up. Function check and you are good to go

And that's it! For tips, tricks, accessories and more, visit KelTecweapons.com.