P32 Quick Start Guide

What you need to know about your new concealed carry.

Gun Features

Welcome to your P32 Quick start guide. Your P32 is going to come in this fancy hard case with two latches on the front of it. Simply pull those latches up and flip that top open.  You're going to see a bag, a trigger lock, and your manual. Make sure you read your manual to get to know your P32 inside and out. If you have any questions you can always call us or visit us at keltecweapons.com

Now that we've got that out of the way, inside this awesome little carrying case you're going to find your P32 pistol, one magazine, and some rust paper. This is great for long-term storage so hang on to that, put it back in the box, and keep it in your safe. You're also going to notice this tag here. Read those tags before you throw them away. Next thing you want to do is take your magazine out along with your chamber flag.

Let's cover some of the features of the P32. First of all, you'll notice that your P32 is an extremely small handgun. Some people call them pocket pistols, but we would prefer that you carry your P32 in an actual holster. They make pocket holsters for P32s so check those out. ALWAYS carry your P32 safely and responsibly.You'll notice your magazine holds seven rounds, so that's seven plus one of 32 ACP capacity in your P32 which is pretty awesome firepower for such a small compact pistol. 

There's no external safety on the P32 on either side, there's not even a trigger safety. The safety of the P32 is actually a drop mechanism that's inside the pistol it holds the hammer back in case your P32 hits the ground it's not going to fire unintentionally. The safety of this pistol is your brain and your finger. Always remember the four major rules of firearm safety: number one being don't ever touch that trigger unless you're ready to fire.

The only three major features to point out on the P32 physically are: the takedown pin (this your magazine release), your notch sight in the rear, and a bump site in the front. Another great feature of the P32 is that it does lock back on the last round. We have an empty magazine and an empty chamber, so when your final round fires the slide will lock to the rear to let you know that you have to reload. 

Field Stripping 

Let's Field Strip your P32 for cleaning. You can use a couple of different tools: you'll want to use the flathead version of this to pry up the assembly pin, but for this application we prefer to use a scribe. If you've got one of these in your toolbox this makes the job a lot easier.

We want to first point out that we have an empty magazine and no ammunition in the gun. You should have your safety glasses on. If you do own any, we have them in stock on our website, they're very comfortable and very durable.

First double check your P32, make sure that it's empty. Then you'll simply just pull this pin up from the flat side and make sure you don't lose that. Set that aside and  for the slide and barrel assembly, simply slide right off the front of the gun. 

Then for your recoil guide rod, you simply just pull it out of the lug of the barrel (set that aside and don't lose that). Next you will slide your barrel out and then your slide assembly.


For cleaning your P32 we highly recommend Lucas Oil Products. In this case, we'll be using this contact cleaner, this gets rid of all of the carbon buildup inside your barrel in particular. It's also great for cleaning the slide and the lower grip assembly as well. 

This will not do any damage to the polymer lower and then when you go to reapply lube recommend this Lucas Oil CLP (or your favorite lube). You'll want to hit all the typical spots like your slide rails. Of course you'll want to clean out your barrel thoroughly along with your feed ram and lugs. 

With the lower, you want to make sure that you get some of that contact cleaner down in here to get any debris out of your trigger assembly and also your hammer assembly. Last but not least, make sure that your recoil guide rod ends both springs are clean. 

We would like to point out that there are two springs on your vehicle guide rods so make sure you don't lose either of these.  If you do in that event just give us a call or send an email on the website and we will get that replaced for you.


To reassemble your P32 you will simply go in reverse order. 

Step One: Drop your barrel in the slide. If you are right handed, hold the slide with your left hand. 


Step Two: Grab the barrel by the rear part of the lug, slide the muzzle in through the opening of the slide, then simply take your recoil guide rod the flat side will go up against the lug. You can see that little notch there on the lug for it.


Step Three: You'll place the spring in here, line up the hole in the front, and slide it in. Be sure you don't bump that because if you bump that it's gonna it's definitely going to shoot across the room.  


Step Four: You want to take the slide, put it on the lower, and you're going to slightly pull back as if you look through the hole there where the pin goes through. 


Step Five: Once you see it open up, you'll take the small end of the pin and simply press it through 


Step Six: Then do a function check

Your P32 is reassembled and ready for you to take to the range or put in your holster. For more tips, tricks, and accessories you can visit our website or our blog