How To: Install a KSG Carry Handle [video]

Now available: Shotgun Carry Handle accessory replaces the Picatinny rail. Includes a fiber optic sight system and M-LOK slots.


Before working on any firearm make sure you're wearing eye protection then double check your weapon to ensure you have removed any rounds from the chamber and magazine(s). 

KSG Carry Handle kit includes: 

  • Carry handle w/ M-LOK slots and pre-installed HIVIZ Litepipe optic
  • allen key
  • Loctite
  • 2 screws + 2 washers
  • Additional Litepipe's (white & Orange)

STEP 1: Remove the stock rail + heat shield.

Use the allen key (included) to remove the top screws on the stock rail. Remove rail and heat shield (just in front of the stock). These should both pull off easily. 


STEP 2: Place the carry handle on to the KSG.

A tab at the back of the handle slides into a catch at the front of the stock. Then lay the handle forward which will seat onto the front mount post. Make sure it is nice and snug.


STEP 3: Attach carry handle with included mounting screws

Use a dab of loctite on each mounting screw, make sure washers are on the screws. Place the front screw first, then the rear. 

It may be easier to wait to tighten each screw until after you have threaded both screws. You will want these nice and snug (1/4 turn).


Your all set. That is the down and dirty on the KSG Carry Handle. 

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