How To: Install The +17 Round Magazine Extension On Your CP33

This KelTec OE magazine extension increases the capacity of the 33 round magazine by 17, for a total of 50 rounds.


Wear safety glasses. Parts in this installation are under tension. 

STEP 1. Use support rod to push down on the detent and push the baseplate forward.

STEP 2. Cup the top and bottom of the magazine before you slide the baseplate off. If you're not careful the spring tension will launch the internal parts across the room. After the baseplate has been removed you can pull the spring out of the bottom. 

STEP 3. Slide magazine extension over the bottom of the magazine, then slide the extension lock into the extension and lock it into place. 

STEP 4. Slide the spring into the magazine, then insert the new rod into the center of the spring. Making sure the rod stays inside of the coil, all of the way to the follower. There is a guide-hole at the bottom of the follower and the rod should slide through the guide hole and out of the top of the magazine. If it does not, you need to re-align the spring. 

STEP 5. Hold the rod base inside the base of the magazine. Pickup the baseplate and slide it over the base of the magazine extension, capturing the rod and base in the bottom of the magazine baseplate. Slid the baseplate back until the detent pushes into place. 

STEP 6. Lastly, use the old magazine rod to press down on the follower from the top of the magazine to verify the follower slides down and up smoothly. 


That's it! Now you have a 50 round CP33 magazine. 


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