How To: Install SUB2000 Featureless Kit [video]

The SUB2000 Featureless Kit includes one Grip Fin, one non-adjustable Stock, and the hardware to install.


Before working on any firearm make sure you have your safety glasses on, there is no ammunition in your work space, and no live ammunition in the chamber of the gun. 

SUB2000 Featureless kit includes: 

  • Featureless stock
  • Grip fin
  • 4 long screws
  • Allen key

Step 1. Remove your adjustable stock. 

To remove the stock you have to remove the stock pin. You can do so by pushing down on the buffer and sliding the pin out. That will relieve the tension on the spring. You can pull your buffer out and then your stock slides right off. 

Step 2. Remove the charging handle.

Step 3. Take the collar off. 

Rotate it counterclockwise and slide it off. 

Step 4. Use the allen key (included) to remove the 4 grip screws.

Step 5. Slide your featureless grip fin up against the back of the grip and line up the holes. 

Step 6. Use the allen key (included) to install the 4 longer screws that come in your kit.

Step 7. Take your collar, slide it back on and rotate back in place. 

Step 8. Reinstall your charging handle. 

Make sure that your recoil spring is not covering the whole. Push the charging handle in and slide it forward. 

Step 9. Install the featureless stock.

Line up the wholes. Take your buffer and push it done so that all 4 wholes line up. Take your stock pin and push it through. 


That's how you install your SUB2000 Featureless kit. 

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