How To: Install KSG/KS7 Extended Butt-pad [video]

The Extended Butt-pad is a thicker, softer butt-pad for both the KSG and KS7 models which reduces the felt recoil considerably.


Before working on any firearm make sure you have your safety glasses on, there is no ammunition in your work space, and no live ammunition in the chamber of the gun. 

The tools you are going to need: 

  • Phillips head screwdriver or some sort of a punch to remove your assembly pins
  • 2.5 size Allen key (this comes with your extended butt-pad)
  • Butt-pad itself

Doesn’t matter if it's your KSG or KS7, make sure it is on safe. 

Step 1. Open the chamber. Get a visual inspection inside. Make sure there is nothing in the chamber and there is nothing in the magazine tubes. 

Step 2. Use your Phillips head screwdriver to push the pins out first. You don’t necessarily have to disassemble the entire gun. 

Note: Don’t forget that in your grip you have two holes to hold your assembly pins to make sure you don’t lose them in your workspace. 

Step 3. Once you have the pins out, bump the stock towards the rear and it should pop right out for you. Put the rest of the shotgun down. This is the only part you are going to be working with. 

Step 4. Now that we have the butt stock off we can take the butt-pad off. On the KS7 there are 4 screws that you need to loosen. On the KSG there are 5 screws. You do not have to take the screws out. You just have to get them loose. 

Use the 2.5 size Allen key and turn the screws about 4 - 5 times to loosen them up just enough for you to pull the butt-pad out. 

Step 5. Get a good grip on the stock itself and pry the butt-pad off. It should come off fairly easily. 

Step 6. Install your extended butt-pad. 

Start with the top and feed the top in and keep applying pressure until it seats all the way around in the stock. Tighten your screws


That's it. You have your extended butt-pad on your KS7 or KSG installed. Now you will want to reassemble it. 

If you have questions on how to disassemble or resemble your KS7 or KSG, please check out your manual. All the instructions are there, step by step. 


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