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Why Can't I Find A KelTec?

We are producing more guns now than we have ever before.

We’ve been getting this question a lot since early 2020. Why can’t I find a KelTec [KSG, SUB2000, P17, you name it]. Here’s why... 


KelTec is a manufacturer of your favorite firearms (hopefully). We don’t have the infrastructure in place to send guns directly to gun shops or directly to customers. Like most other manufacturers we sell everything that we make to firearm distributors. We have about 30 distributors and rotate shipments equally between them. They order from us, then distribute them to individual firearm dealers nationwide.

We don’t have control over which retailers receive our products. It's recommended to try multiple firearm dealers in your area as not all are treated equally by the distributors. For example, the dealers that push higher volume and/or have a stronger relationship with their distributor receive better access.


We are building more firearms now than we ever have. We did not close down for COVID nor did we slow down during COVID. In fact, we are producing more guns now then we have in the almost 30 years the company has been around. We are cranking them out. 

The reason you can’t find them is due to the panic buying that is going on right now. It's just been an incredible year. The industry has never seen so many gun sales. Rough numbers, but the amount of 4473 forms submitted to NICS from Jan to June was around 20 Million. To put it in perspective, In 2017 a total of 25.2 million background checks were performed. That is a staggering amount of 4473 forms submitted. Buyers can also purchase more than one firearm in a single transaction using one background check. Meaning each 4473 form does not represent one gun sale. It could be up to 5 gun sales. So keep that in mind. 

To get that firearm you want, you’ll need to keep shopping everyday. Go to your local gun shop and place an order. If that gun shop is telling you that KelTec stopped making guns or that we slowed down because of COVID or that we stopped making a particular product, that is false information. They just don’t know any better. Please bear with us and with your gun shops. Everyone is struggling right now to produce enough products to supply the demand. 


We don’t have anything to do with the currently inflated prices on guns. We have an MSRP which is a manufacturer suggested retail price. That is the price we suggest gun shops sell them at.  You aren’t giving us your money, that is going to your seller. 

That is how this all works. We sell to distributors. Distributors sell to dealers.